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Our work is recognized throughout Nashville as high quality new construction and historically conscious developments. We pride ourselves in contributing to Nashville’s consistent growth while keeping focus on our communities and neighborhoods.

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Developer Services

We offer the following developer services:


We coordinate surveying, architecture, and interior design using local firms who are familiar with new construction scopes, scheduling, cost drivers, and design value.


Using our knowledge of the infill construction market, we match feature sets to market expectations and optimize your development program and project specifications.


We work with Metro agencies to coordinate acquisition diligence, zoning restrictions, legal structures, construction and demolition permitting.

Latest Developments

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Our Contribution

Paragon Group partners with developers and investors to ease project development, design, and construction. Engage us in the planning stage of your project and we can use existing relationships and workflows to deliver quality, cost-effective outcomes. The scope of our involvement in your project is scalable. Spend as much, or as little, time on the project as desired.

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